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In the Metropolitan Washington, DC area, about 60% of its work force has been under stress, over-scheduled events, and overworked. A good night sleep is far from enough to recover from the day long pressure and stress. People are seeking and adding physical therapy, in many forms including massage as a meaningful, engaging and quick remedy for regain their full strength and vigor to increase productivity. Zen Reflexology & Spa has been established and steadily growing itself as a likeable, reliable, reasonable, and convenient outlet to help its customers to relieve pain, stress, xx in neck, shoulders, back, and muscle.

Zen Reflexology & Spa now has growing into four (4) stores in various locations, in regional malls, and its revenue has been steadily increasing. Our conviction “Our Goal is Your Healthy” has been well perceived and understood by the public. We deploy acupressure and Swedish Massage, especially acupressure into our practice. Foot Reflexology and Deep Tissue Massage have been widely and commonly applied into our practice. We have endured and succeeded the economic downturn in 2008, 2009, while many other business suffered much loss.

The general population has learnt, accepted, benefited and enjoyed massage treatment in recent years. Our clients and customers are mostly between the age of 30 through 60. So far, we have been receiving more than 5,000 returning customers on regular basis. Based our research of the local employment characteristics, we found out that the most common symptoms would like be the combination of muscle pain in neck, shoulders, wrest, elbow, and lower back.

Company organization will consist of a full time administrative person responsible for scheduling all appointments and performing daily bookkeeping task and business development. All massages and acupunctures will be performed by licensed therapists that are independently contracted.

Zen Reflexology & Sp will specialize in Chinese Acupressure Massage Therapy, but will also offer a variety of massage styles such as Traditional Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Hot Stone Massage. Single Session Offerings will range in increments of 10 to 60 minute sessions. Each session provided to a client will take place on a massage table, in a private space, partitioned by Shoji screens with a massage specialist. Soothing meditative music will play in the background, while clients receive the highest quality Chinese acupressure massage therapy in a clean and sophisticated healing environment.

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